Dance baby....Dance

So the dance was fun, there was drama like always but I didnt get involved as I HATE drama, its pointless.But Im not gonna go on about that, so the dance was fun many people came, Lyndzea was with Josh for the most part which was fine with me cause sometimes I just like chillin with my friends. One person left earlier and I wish he sota wouldnt have cause I like him, well actully I like 2 people and I think I need to decide what one I want more but I dont know for now Im sittin solo, maybe its best that way till I figure things out, or maybe not I really have no clue, haha oh lifes fun.So I feel like partying right now, to bad theres no one to party with lol, well hope ya all had fun at the dance if ya went....Fall Out Boy concert the 5th ahhhhh so cited cant wait, then Fright Fest on Sunday ahhh its gonna be so fun!!!!Sometimes I love life, otehr times I hate it.

Peace homie G's

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homecomeing week

It was a fairly good week I suppose, Tesia and Liz slept over last night we partied arent you jealous?!?!Thats right, you should be. Then went to the parade and through candy at little kids haha.Liz went home Tesia's still here shes going home perrty soon I belive then Lyndzeas comeing over at 5:30, the dance at 7!!!Whos all goin?!?!

You put the G in G Unit baby

Peace out home doggs
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um, sure yeah why not!

So these past few days havent been toooo bad Ive met alot of new faces and have talked to alot of new people its pretty fun. The Albion dance was pretty fun, I got to meet Aaron...he seems pretty cool, maybe we can chill sometime?!?!And then this one Ghetto kid was checking me out and this other balck guy and this like 7th grader were getting pissed at each other it was pretty over-all the dance was fun other this one kid he was graduated from High-school and he kept trying to dance with me and Lyndzea and we were like haha so finally we did and OMFG he is the worst dancer ever and, he was like Kellie have you ever had sex?I didnt answer and then he was like well danceing with me is like having sex I was like WTF. Then he tried to get me to do the couples dance with him and I said no so he pushed me against the wall and like tried to BEG me to do it so I went over by Viney or what ever that guys name was, it was kinda funny in a serious way.After the dance Chris was gonna sleep over but he ended up not being able to cause his mom said no, so Lyndzea was over for about 1 hour and we just chilled then around 2 I went to bed, what a dandy night. I had to get up at fuckin 8 in the morning this morning cause I had to go to a horse auction for my horse and we got alot of new stuff for dirt cheap it was pretty cool, I wanted this one horse but my parents said no, I got home around 4ish.After that I took a Friday and Lacey out and about on a trail ride and now my parents are gone and so is Josh till around 1 in the morning and my mom said anyone can come over!!!PARTY!!!!!!But I'm just chillin listening to my favorite song!!!!<3 It explains how I feel right now.....but I'm out peace hommie g's

call me tonight if ya just wanna talk 682-4374
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It makes me happy just seeing him.....:)

Today wasnt to bad it went fast I stayed after and chilled with mainly just Anthoney in the commens and alyssa ann and tesia and liz and other people, and put Erics pants on and walked around with e on, haha I looked so ganster!Then I watched a tad of the boys soccer game and talked with Corey and Josh Tesia and Liz and Anthoney and Cassie and was ok, and I had to chug pop in science my blood pressuer was one of the highest and I ended up laughing drinking the pop and spit it on my paper...hows that for ya?!?

End of Disscusion....Kellie G. Unit...Peace
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I Got structure at the end of the day
I wish this day would just rewind other than this morning, that went pretty well
I regret ALMOST everything I did today
I just want things to still be the same
I am really being hard on myself today, for something Ive done
I just wanna chill and have someone understand how I'm feelin
I wonder if he understands?
I wonder if he still sees me the same and will still wanna chill and be friends?
I, I just wish this day would fly far far away (except this morning)

I'm feeling down
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Today just plain sucked I think maybe 1 good thing happened...

So I feel like an asshole, this is what happen'd Me Alex and Leanna were walking back from Gym and the person I like behind us and I think he said "hey, whats up?" and I looked back and no one was next to him but I didnt say anything back to him and I think he might have been directing the "hey, whats up" to me, and now I feel like an asshole cause if he was talking to me and I didnt answer he might never talk to me again, awww that would REALLY REALLY suck.I dont know what to do maybe I'll call him?!?!

Goldfish day was alright.Kinda bland this year.I talked to everyone I saw today, hmmm thats not like me but it was fun.In lab today me and Tesia were waiting in Line to get our papers checked and Laura told someone a secret and I was like "secrets dont make friends, ya know?!!" and she was like "neither do clothes" and Tesia was like "well what, do ya want us to walk around naked all the time?"then the rest of the day me and Tesia just invisoned everyone we talked to naked and no matter what we couldnt keep a straight face haha it was too funny I swear I laughed for about 5 minutes lol, just the reactions we the funniest.The teacher was Horny today, everyone knew that right?I know me and Tesia knew it, haha good times.

Volley-ball practice was ok I guess, kinda dumb and the 7th graders are super annoying except one.I liked it ALOT better with Mrs.Crow.But w/e...I have to stay after EVERYDAY guys...your welcome to join me lol

Saturdays a show at four in the morning and I'll be home around 4ish then I think I gotta babysit, and sunday I'm free....lets chill 682-4374
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Well well started ok I suppose Tech was way boring it seemed to be a mix between Social studies and math, I didnt gain anything from that class.I saw the person I wanted to see more today which was good!But someone told me something about him and the thing this person told me kinda made it suck for me and now I'm not so sure about things, aww shucks this sucks.And so I came home in Kinda a bad mood if you wanna say that and my mom is not talking to me now cause I wont tell her whats wrong, but hey its my life I can do what the hell I want right?!?!I dont have to tell her every singal detial of my life, tha'd just be straight I can only hope that things work out cause I really like him and have for awhile and I finally got to know him yes most of you know and have known I like him but thats ok, and I think he knows but I'm gonna make sure tomorrow I think...I might tell him that I like him and see what he can be sad sometimes,but on the birhgtside of the world Volleyball starts tomrrow thats the first practice 3:00 till 4:15 ish, cant wait this years gonna be fuun, I was suppose to be on JV but decided I wanted to be with my friends again because that would make the season better so I refussed to go on JV.We got this new girl Katie and shes super cool we hung-out today in D Block and passed notes and stuff cause we couldnt talk haha it was funn...but I must be off mom's gonna come in and see me online still and get pissed...wanna chill this weekend call the divice, 682-4374, tomorrow is goldfish day, yay!!!haha guys it shall be a fun time!

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Back to School...ugh

So school pretty much was ok today I guess but it sucked having to go back, I realize how much I hate school after having such a good summer.And I see less of the person I wanna see this year which saddens me, I think I seen him once today when I was in Spanish wahoo.Maybe things will change and I'll see him more casue I really wanna get to know him better than I do right now...hes really cool.But other than that schools just boring, this weekend maybe I'll chill with some friends and I have a horse show Saturday I am pretty sure...Idk people just call me if you wanna chill...682-4374, and tonight I'll do my homework and then maybe go riding with Lyndzea...I got yelled at like 4 times today, wow Kellie not a good way to start the school year out right, oh well haha.We got a new band teacher and I have to say hes kinda cool but seems kinda well, geeky I guess you could say that, I'm still wanting to hear how peoples summers were!!
Well I'm out, peace

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Yesterday and today and the night before last....

So the night before last I went to the drive in me Chris and Josh and Lyndzea.It was fun.We got home around 1:00am and we were all watching Music Videos till about 5 in the morning and having pillow fights and talking, Chris went to bed first then me and then Lyndzea and Josh.I woke up around 8:30 the next morning,I was soooo tired yesterday.And after everyone else woke up we all just kinda chilled and I almost fell asleep until news paper got thrown on me...haha.We all just kinda sat there we were gonna go bowling but we didnt and we were gonna go to the movies but my mom wouldnt take us to Tinsletown, we'll have to do that another time guys.Chris's mom came and picked him up around 3ish i think and then Lyndzea went home awhile after.It was fun....

So how has everyones summer been, EVERYONE COMMENT and tell me one thing about your summer or even more...hope you all had as good of a summer as me!!

See most of your asses tomorrow sadly, in school, but hey we gotta go back sometime I guess.....

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So me Lyndzea and Chris and Josh went to the drive in and saw The Cave and Skeleton Key, second time for that one for yeah now we are just chillin I suppose and thats a rap gangsta

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